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"With global interconnectivity growing by leaps and bounds, the spread of information and ideas means our moral compasses will expand beyond national borders. It is only a matter of time before all of us look beyond the horizon and become citizens of both our own country and of our planet. The world will be a better place when we unite to strengthen our global village."

Kishore Mahbubani, Dean of the National University of Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy



We are a dynamic, forward-thinking cyber forensics and security solutions business.

We seamlessly integrate innovative risk management solutions across every part of your organisation.

We transform fear into opportunities for our clients, their employees and customers.

We embrace change.

We develop customer-centric, tailored security and risk management solutions.

We futureproof and optimise your organisation’s risk profile.

We are passionate about facilitating organisations into the new cyber era to realise its full potential and to affect the immediacy of the risks involved into actionable intelligence™.


  • Leo 
    • Cyber audits
    • Cyber forensics
    • Cyber risk management
    • Cyber consulting
    • Cyber penetration test
  • calizi™ workforce management
  • GT1.0™ weapon management
Legal compliance
Data protection & stewardship
Offensive intrusion / ethical hacking
Personalised, effective, measurable risk solutions
Fraud investigation, prevention and management
Real-time asset & Workforce management

The Cerebus Solution

Leo | Cyber Audits and Pen Tests

Leo | Cyber Forensics

Leo | Cyber Risk Management

calizi™ | Workforce Management System

GT1.0™ | Weapon Tracking

Cerebus Single-view platform

The CEREBUS single view platform offers risk assessments, employee ratings and a real-time view of your organisation as a whole – all seamlessly integrated into one overview.

Through daily monitoring, it measures and assesses the behaviour of individuals and their transactions within an organisation, and is able to detect possible fraud before it occurs.

An employee’s individual risk rating is measured by the data and information accessed, as well as the transactions made.


We never forget that fear is a deeply powerful human emotion. At CEREBUS, we focus on turning fear into assurance – for your organisation and your employees.

We are pioneering a new era of cyber and forensic security solutions, enabling impactful engagement by placing our customers and their employees at the core of our
risk solutions approach.

We have become thought leaders in cyber and forensics security by uniting humanity with the most up-to-date technology.

By being precise, fast, and solution-focussed, more energy can be directed to proactive risk intelligence.

We drive innovation through proactive single-view risk profiling.

We believe in fostering the development of human capital through advanced skills training.


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